7 Air pollution problems that you did not know of!

A recent trend on Twitter has caught the attention of many. If you are aware of something called #LeaveDelhi, you may know what it is about. If you haven’t yet stabilized from the loss of Clinton in U.S elections and still reeling under the effect of Modi’s demonetization rule, allow us take you to the North of India, particularly, Delhi and parts of NCR, where the menace of air pollution has not just left people gasping for fresh air, but also has some major political parties hurling some textbook allegations at each other.


(Source – Maps of India)

If other major cities are cursing the vehicles, industries or even America for all the Greenhouse effect, you may want to rethink about it. The air quality in Delhi has become detrimental for life. The doctors in 2015 were simply advising their patients which have quadrupled, to leave the capital if they can afford to.

But leaving a particular area wouldn’t stop the Indoor and Outdoor Air pollution which has conquered the capital. The sources are studied, the scenario analysed and the people are made aware of. You may know some major effects of air pollution in Delhi, but do you know all? What can you do to protect your family, your employees from such hazardous environment?

~ People with Organ transplants are at risk manifold times due to air pollution. A delicate surgery and transplants requires ambient and safe environment for normal functioning of the body and acceptance of foreign organ. Presence of harmful particulate pollution in the blood may cause serious implications.

~ Amost 10% of workforce remained indoors in the past week, says reports from ASSOCHAM. Air quality analysis has revealed that DG emissions, industrial fumes, flue gas, and vehicular exhausts in Delhi are major contributors to the declining work productivity.

~ The common people have recorded an Air Quality Index (AQI) of more than 500 of their indoor environment. An AQI of 301 to 500 is deemed unfit for living as per EPA. High concentrations of particulate matter including Mercury, Benzene, Nitrogen Oxide and Sulphur Dioxide are extremely harmful for living tissues and work productivity.

~ The average life expectancy has reduced by 3 years in Delhi due to increasing air pollution. The quality of air has fallen rapidly and smog has engulfed the entire capital, increasing pulmonary disorders and respiratory diseases like Tuberculosis and Pneumonia.

~ Real-time data by Delhi Pollution Control Board has revealed that the pollution has worsened from the Diwali days, which implies that not just crackers, but unprocessed fumes let out by industries and vehicular exhaust are the main antagonists.

~ The RSPM (Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter) has almost doubled to 316µg/cubic m from 201µg/cubic m in a matter of 6 years. There has been 300% rise in respiratory illnesses and the pollution affects not just your lungs but also blood pressure. Winter has worsened the condition; almost 30% increase in ailments and Cancers.

~ As per WHO statistics, more than 600,000 people in India have died due to respiratory illnesses in 2012. The numbers have only increased in the past 4 years.

If you are still thinking what to do, don’t. It’s time to act. Take initiative in protecting those around you. A simple air quality test, constant monitoring and spreading awareness might just bring back fresh air into Delhi and parts of NCR.

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