5 Ways Mold contamination damaged the Company’s Reputation

We all love stories. We all love truth present in these stories. Now instead of a long blog that might seem an every day substance, how about we give you a story that will put forth the damage Mold causes to an organisation and to its employees.


A German delegation were to visit a corporate company based out at South Mumbai. The plush organisation had everything prepared to present to their clients that had made their way to the humid city. Now this was a big deal – Millions of dollars were at stake and this deal had to be done right.

The results of the project during 2 quarters were ready. The week long meeting had more in store than what met the eye.

Day 1

The delegation stepped into the brilliantly designed company which overlooked the magnificent Arabian Sea and the pristine waters. The climate was humid and pollution was on a high; the air conditioning in the premise was like a boon to everyone.

After brief introductions, the team got down to meeting and discussing the intricacies of the project. It was March; yet, more than 70% of the in-house employees were suffering from some minor disorders. You can imagine this – someone coughing, someone sneezing here and there.

Day 2

Post the initial discussions, it was now time to delve into the projects whereabouts. The goals had been set and now whether they were achieved, was the question. Laptops, Excel sheets and Mails were opened. Some discrepancies were observed. An average day perhaps. The day was called off early, since a German had a bad headache.

Day 3

The meeting room was heated up. The loopholes found were gargantuan. Many sheets had incomplete data, while few of the project details were wrong and misleading. The reports generated were anything but true. Top management was called in to address this matter. Even in this situation, a few key team members had taken the day off, citing poor health.

Day 4

A few Germans were not at their best health. Yet they were here, with the top management of the Mumbai company. The situation was tense; the contract renewal chances were slim. The results were contrary to that promised and expectations given. The management and project head was questioned and asked to explain. The team leader answered that the project took a hit because several key members had been ill lately, while several members left the company and this lead to last minute work load and goof ups.

The business meeting was cut short as the German delegation made their way back that very night.

Allow us to shed light on what happened:

1. Several key people remained absent during the course of the project, citing health issues. Even a German personnel was not keeping well.

2. The project was delayed and the reports were a result of the last minute work load

3. Management was questioned on work, its capabilities, expectations and was reprimanded for not been able to meet the deadlines

4. The company took a hit on its brand with immense churn rate

5 Ways how all this happened:

1. The site’s air conditioning system had a heavy load of microorganisms – Legionella and mold spores were the maximum

2. The wall corners in the canteen and ODCs had linings of mold that were contaminating the air and interfering with the health of the employees

3. Frequent cough, cold, headaches, difficulties in breathing were cited that are clearly the symptoms of mold contamination and poor Indoor Air Quality

4. This mold contamination was also found in the water sources, which caused several water-borne diseases and led to poor health conditions

5. Frequent absenteeism and poor health led to many employees to leave the company, also increasing the medical bill load of the company

Mold types


A simple mold contamination is what led to such catastrophic loss to the company, which took a hit. If you observe such similar situation in your organisation, or are experiencing one, here is what you should be doing:

1. Get the Indoor Air Quality checked from a certified Laboratory

2. This includes a thorough site analysis for mold contamination in air conditioning, water sources, carpets and walls

3. Conduct a survey on employee health, to observe if there is a pattern in health disorders

4. Organise a medical checkup of employees

5. Conduct a thorough cleaning of the premises and ensure regular maintenance of the HVAC systems

Oh did we tell you? The Mumbai office lost the Project and also the Million Dollars that were in the pipeline!

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