5 Solutions to Ensure Water Safety in Corporate Companies.

Providing safe drinking water is one of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations that every Company must adhere to.

While it seems simple to just trust that your area’s water is clean, contaminant concentrations in the form of bacteria, acids, and lead may vary from state to state, according to a report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This signals that you shouldn’t assume your drinking water is always safe.

It’s the responsibility of the Facility Manager to maintain and supervise the supply of drinking water in the Company premises.


However, regardless of the local water issues, a facility manager can practice the following measures to keep a check on the water supply.

  1. Water Testing– The most effective and quickest solution for water safety is undergoing water testing from a NABL Accredited Laboratory. These laboratories implement water testing against various parameters and make sure whether the water is safe for drinking or not. Ideally, it is important to implement water testing twice a year
  2. Water Purifiers/ Dispensers– These are the water containers placed in the Corporate Cafeterias in which the probability of water contamination is higher. It is the responsibility of the facility manager to clean and maintain the dispensers regularly. There are chances of having various dust particles accumulated at the rim of the dispensers
  3. Packaged Drinking Water– Companies tend to keep bottled water for walk-in clients and several people visiting the office. It is essential to see that the packaged water carries a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) mark. This is an indication that the bottled water is supplied by a legal manufacturer
  4.  Pests– Ensure that the office premises are pest free as these are the unseen contaminants that can affect the employees. Every Corporate Company should implement Integrated Pest Management in order to prevent the pests and have a pest free environment. Facility managers should make sure that Pest Control is done on a regular basis
  5. Water Sources– It is vital to check the water sources through which the water is been supplied. Water sources are majorly neglected to be monitored and can affect the employees on a large scale.

Thus, the above 5 Solutions to corporate water safety can decrease the outbreak of several water-borne diseases and encourage higher productivity. This can have a direct impact on the Brand equity of the company as well.

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