5 Reasons to Test your Food Products before they hit the Market!

Now that we have your attention, Disclaimer – (Untested Food Products are subject to Market Risk. Please analyse your food items carefully before launching.)

Why are we more careful in monetary transactions and investments, while we let our own health take a back seat? Why, if we are a Food Business owner, go easy and take a detour from the usual compliant route. It takes a while to understand the rules and protocols (actually, quite some time) but then will you feed the same food to your family, the one you are feeding millions?

Here are 5 absolutely must reasons, why one should get their Food Products tested –

1. Because we like to eat simple food, not the ones with Microbe-icing on them!

It is said that our intestines have around 1.8 kg of good micro-organisms, which aid in digestion and provide Vit. K to our body. We are pretty sure they are doing a great job in there, and need no foreign assistance for the same. However, some think the opposite and send all kinds of organisms via Trojan horses (Not literally! They are usually these amazing Golgappas and chaats we love to gobble down! Let’s not forget some packaged foods and dishes served in restaurants which do the Hermes job as well!)

2. People for sure like fresh products; for fermented product, a beer does the job just fine! (unless, you sell fermented products!)

Now, if one buys a packed tuna can, takes it home, about to cook it and voila! The fish has already turned into some weird, pukish coloured, foul odoured, SOMETHING! What’s missing? Umm.. A simple ‘Use By’ date? How about mentioning the Shelf-Life of the product on the can? You save the food, you save the consumer and You Save Your Brand!

3. People love the blindfold game, but in the case of food, let’s be clear!

There are some stringent rules set by FSSAI for adulteration, Maximum Residue Limits and Toxins. The element of surprise is wonderful with respect to your parents, friends, kids and your wife (Absolutely imperative if you forget her birthday or, God Forbid, your anniversary!) But it is totally not cool to sprinkle some toxins, heavy metals, pesticide residues in your product and then completely forget about it.

FSSAI forgets nothing. And it will pay you a surprise visit!

4. While your brand name is ubiquitous with popularity, somehow your latest product isn’t quite the people’s favourite!

You recreate the best chocolate manufactured in Romania, yet the locals seem to have developed an aversion to it? Not every international product appeals to our taste buds, aye?! Solution? Why not let some of our own trained personnel try it out, rate the overall look, taste, feel and odour? Sensory evaluation might save some of your big dollars!

5. We love Aamir Khan’s movies. We loved Delhi Belly! But honestly, the Orange Juice scene?

Remember the character who eats fried chicken on the roadside, and ends up the next day in the washroom? Gross, right? Yes, it did give an amazing plot to the movie makers, but imagine if something like that happens with you? He did bring down the entire lavatory on himself!

Save the consumers the trouble and test your product for any such unnecessary additives in the dish! Such things look good (or, maybe not!) on the big screen, not in real life!

Pretty sure you might next Google some reputed Testing Laboratories and Compliance Consultancies in India. Can we help?

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