5 Factors That Make Labeling Crucial for Food Business

After knowing 4 Reasons Why You Must Focus on Food Packaging , we now bring to you another important part of food packaging – labeling.

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Food Labeling is the bridge between the manufacturer and end consumer. It helps the manufacturer and distributor to monitor inventory stock and need for replenishment based on the information provided in the labeling.

We present to you 5 important factors why Labeling is of utmost importance :

(i) Product Description and Specification :

The complete information regarding the product is explained in the label. The information includes ingredients of the product, how-to-use, quantity required, caution while use, precautions , manufacture and expiry date.

(ii) Identification of the Product or Brand :

The label gives the identity to the brand. For eg; Santoor Soap would have it’s name in it’s label, hence that’s how we recognize the particular soap

(iii) Product differentiation :

When a product has different features or components, labeling helps to differentiate. For example, different flavours of Tea are given different labelled colours.

(iv) Promotion of products :

An attractive label provides ample opportunity for your product to get noticed among other brands.

(v) Providing information required by Law:

Providing the nutritional labelling is mandatory as per law. This makes the consumer aware about the food product they’re going to consume, hence labelling in food products is highly important.

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