5 Absolutely simple ways to add ‘Wow’ factor in your Bakery Products

The newly opened bakery near your residence will definitely heighten your hunger, with every morning bringing with itself aroma of freshly baked muffins, cookies, breakfast of eggs with sunny side up and most of all, strong, brewed coffee! Your diet plans may go for a toss, with the delicious bakery products listed out there!

As a customer, the breakfast plans are set! But as an owner of a Bakery or Cafe with services providing baked products, what will you do to get more customers in your little world? How can you draw more people to your business, get more sales and more profits from your bakery and confectionery products?

Let’s discuss 5 absolutely mandatory aspects that are needed in any bakery or cafe

1. Make products in a small amount. In case you hire a third party for preparing your customised products, make sure they prepare products fresh, in small quantities. Ordering products in large quantities, selling / displaying stale products or not using adequate, hygienic means to store products all day, are methods you should refrain from.

Bakery products have a shorter shelf life than most other edible products; hence, adequate measures must be taken to ensure the products stay fresh for long period of time.

2. Raw products should be fresh – It is essential that your bakery product is made of fresh produce. This increases the shelf life of the product, helps it taste good and enhances your brand equity. Soon, your cafe will be known for selling only the best products in the market.

Food safety

It is essential that your bakery product is made of fresh produce. This increases the shelf life of the product, helps it taste good and enhances your brand equity. Soon, your cafe will be known for selling only the best products in the market.

3. Make sure you have the licenses and other Government documents in place. Also, follow the FSMS plan as specified by the FSSAI.

FSSAI license and registration are some of the aspects that are a must if you are in a food business. It barely takes a few bucks and around two months to get things in place. However, failure in doing so can lead to:

  • Monetary penalization
  • Imprisonment in case of danger to lives due to your product
  • Shutting down of the business

Every unit operating with any aspect of food business needs to have a valid FSSAI license. FSSAI has mandated this for ensuring the safety of the people. Obtaining license is an easy process and one can hire a consultancy for guidance and assistance with the paperwork.

Where can I find the best FSSAI Consultancy in India?

FSMS is a set of norms and practices that can be followed to ensure your baking business stays compliant with all the regulations stated in the FSSA (Food Safety Law). It states the adoption of Good Hygienic Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP, and others for the Food Business Operators.

It is a complete procedural and managerial steps, from the procurement of raw materials to distribution, packaging, and selling of the bakery products. It helps in documentation procedures, which come handy during any Audit or Inspection.

Visit us to know more about the FSMS plan and the added benefits it has for your business.

4. Plan your Infrastructure –

No matter how good your bakery products are, no person will travel to great extends to visit your cafe if your location is not conducive. Study the market will and plan your business accordingly. Discuss with people around the area to know how good food businesses operate there, talk to a good real estate agency for more in-depth information.

Your location should also be suitable for easy transportation of raw and finished products. Likewise, there should be easy connectivity, offices around for people to visit after or during working hours.

Bakery products in cafes are a hit among working professionals and students. Your business location can be in any one of these or around both to facilitate more branding and revenue.

Nobody will tell you how good or bad your prospective location is. Your research around it and your conviction for it will guide you correctly.

5. Set up a good Marketing Strategy in place –

An efficient marketing strategy is a necessity for a baking business. Bakery and confectionery products are looked upon as luxury by many in India. Hence, a good strategy around your bakery products is of utmost importance to get more people visit your store. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go online with your business. More than 60% of all the searches for good cafes are done via search engines. Getting business online will give a good boost to the revenue.
  • Create awareness online by blogging,  and social media networking. The power of both has been proved to engage people and increase visits.
  • Visit exhibitions and summits, where you can meet your fellow business owners, investors and prominent people who may help you grow your business

At the end, its all about how good your bakery products are! We hope you have a fair idea how to get your baking products into the market and onto the platter of many!

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