4 Striking FSSAI News for the month of January!

Its that time of the week when the FSSAI News will be making or breaking your day. But worry not, FSSAI has been jotting the plan of action only for the consumers and for the ease of FBOs.

Let us have a quick look at the four major news of January.

FSSAI NEWS 1. Audit reports of the slaughterhouses conducted by FSSAI will be released in March 2019

Audit of Meat

FSSAI has been conducting a food safety audit of 40 municipal slaughterhouses all over India under the “Clean and Safe Meat Campaign.” The campaign was launched recently for ensuring safe meat availability to consumers

The Clean and Safe Meat Campaign had been launched by FSSAI to keep a check on the quality of the meat served. To ensure its execution FSSAI has been conducting a food safety audit of 40 municipal slaughterhouses all over India. The audit is expected to be completed by February and its report is likely to come by March this year.

According to FSSAI, the audit was being done to bring back trust and surety among consumers with respect to the meat. A mandatory food safety audit of the supply chain for e-commerce retail entities involved in the retail of meat or meat products will also be conducted among others.

FSSAI NEWS 2. FSSAI has ordered global media giants to take down the ‘false and malicious’ videos related to food safety

Food Safety

FSSAI has warned the global social media giants to take down the ‘false and malicious ‘ videos and other content that spreads misinformation regarding safety and quality of food in India. There were false claims in the video stating that FSSAI had permitted the use of melanin in milk which created a stir on social media.

“Such false propaganda is neither good for citizens nor the food business. This also erodes global trust in our food system and food businesses, and potentially has far-reaching public health, social and trade implications,”FSSAI CEO Mr. Agarwal said.

FSSAI NEWS 3. FSSAI to supervise Food safety and hygiene of the ‘prasadam’ offered at the places of worship


Considering the safety and the hygiene of the prasadam offered at the temples, FSSAI has decided to implement supervision and create awareness regarding the same.

The initiative mandates adoption of hygienic practices by the food handlers which requires wearing of aprons, gloves and head covers.

Proper cleaning and waste management facilities are a must for getting the license. The procurement of raw materials for prasadam should be from authorised traders with FSSAI licenses.

FSSAI 4. FSSAI issues letter to allowing correction on alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages

FSSAI has ordered all the FBOs dealing in imported alcoholic beverages to rectify their labeling deficiencies.

According to the Food Safety and Standards (Import) Regulations, 2017, in case of imported packaged food consignments, special dispensation on labeling shall be allowed for rectifiable labeling deficiencies at the Customs-bound warehouse by affixing a single non-detachable sticker or by any other non-detachable method next to the principal display panel namely:

(a) Name and address of the importer;

(b) Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s logo and license number;

(c) Non-Veg or Veg Logo;

(d) Category or sub-category along with generic name, nature, and composition for proprietary food.
-FNB News

There also will be a statutory warning printed in the English language for alcoholic beverages e.g. Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health.
Be safe-Don’t drink and drive. These warnings should be written in the local or regional languages of the respective states. Size of statutory warning shall not be less than 3 mm says the regulation for alcoholic beverages.

We hope the FSSAI News was as beneficial as we had thought. We will be providing you with similar feeds in the coming week too. Until then, stay tuned!

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