4 Reasons Why You Must Focus on Food Packaging

Suppose you have a food business. You take ample care to ensure the quality of the ingredients, production process and hygiene. But what is you make a mistake in the food packaging? Your efforts would go waste!

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Packaging is not involved in all the aspects of production – like distribution, storage, sale, and use. Special care for food packaging is of utmost important!

Here’s 4 main reasons why should you not ignore food packaging :

1. Provides identity to the product :

A quirky new packaging is what set Paper Boat beverages apart. The size, colour and shape of the food product gives it a distinctive appeal, such that customers can recognize the product from the package! Thus, your food package should ensure that the contents can be visible or easy to comprehend.

2. Protects the content :

Despite the visual appeal , the main function of packaging is to provide protection to the product from dirt, insects, dampness and breakage. Many biscuit companies, for exmaple, provide a plastic tray in which the biscuit is kept. This ensures that the biscuits do not break easily. There are two types of protection :

  • Physical protection: Protecting the enclosed contents from mechanical shock, vibration, electrostatic discharge, compression, temperature, etc.
  • Barrier protection: Sometimes, some products need protection from oxygen, water vapor, dust, etc. Thus, the packaging is modified to be water or air resistant (like air tight jars)

3. Convenience and Security :

The convenience is greatly increased when the product needs to be carried from one place to another. Thus, even products manufactured in the Western coast can be sent to the Southern part of the country.PET bottles, Tetra Pak are more convenient for food and beverage package and distribution than glass bottles.

Security can also be improved by designing tamper resistant packages, that would deter tampering. Packages can be designed to help reduce the risks of stealing.

4. Helps promote the product :

An attractive food packaging for a food product greatly helps in sales promotion. A distinctive packaging creates the curiosity. Consequently, it increases the sales.More the attractive food packaging, more the encouragement for potential buyers to purchase the product.

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