4 Ifs you should be Worried if your Company is next to a Sea Body!

While setting up an IT company, we have to take into consideration several factors – the transmission lines, cable wires, arrangements for backups, power generators, cooling systems and more. The best would be a desk next to the window pane, overlooking a water body and there can be nothing better than a sea that soothes your nerves.

But is it the best option?

Have you heard about Salt – Air Corrosion?

This is a major problem in IT Companies that have their offices adjacent to a saltwater body. Let’s try and understand what exactly this problem is.

Air Corrosion of Corporate Computers

Salt – Air Corrosion is the presence of high amounts of salt in the atmosphere which can be seen as deposits on your electrical appliances. This causes a high amount of metal corrosion, thereby, reducing the life of the machines.

1. If you are using AC system in your Company!

Companies using HVAC system face more than a few repair works and frequent changes. The coils in the air conditioning systems are made of aluminum which reacts to the salty air over time. This aluminum surface is actually meant to protect the machine; however, with the contact of salt, a reaction occurs causing the corrosion of the machine. With an absence of aluminum cover, the air conditioner fails to perform adequately, decreasing comfort and increasing bills.

2. If the Indoor Atmosphere has high levels of humidity!

Increased humidity can increase the levels of corrosion on the computers and HVAC systems. This, in turn, increases the levels of microbiological levels which can cause allergies, food poisoning and contamination in water & food.
Increased humidity can create a perfect environment for the aluminum corrosion which is the most common metal used for coating metals to prevent rusting. However, the effect of salt can render even the toughest machines weak.

3. If the company uses PCBs (it’s weird because it is always used!)

PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) is the component most commonly affected by the Salt Air corrosion. Most accumulation of salt deposits and corrosion is found in and around PCBs.

4. If the company uses high-coated units to prevent corrosion.

If you think coating the machines with non-corrosive varnishes will do your units any good, think again. A high coating will eventually cause the over-heating of machines, which will lead to them failing.

The best solution?

If you are looking forward to setting up an IT company, this should be away from any sea body, be it a creek or far-stretched saltwater body. This shall prevent the seepage of salt water in the foundation and in the pipes, as well as prevent the corrosion by means of salt air.

Another reason is that the humidity level shall be comparatively less in the interiors than at the coast. This shall reduce, to some extent, the corrosion level which can add to the salt air.

What will you do if the company is already based near a saltwater body?

Effective preventive measures should be in place to enable the smooth and long life of the computers, HVAC and other electrical units. These can be:

1. Clearing the accumulated salt deposits in the machines
2. Maintenance of the HVAC system by frequently cleaning
3. Using a dehumidifier in the premise to reduce the humidity, slowing the corrosion process
4. Testing the water samples used in the company to make sure no salt deposits seep into the sources
5. Regular air testing to identify the total humidity, level of Carbon Dioxide (due to rising congestion and lack of ventilation)
6. Live Air Quality Monitoring is the perfect solution to analyse and estimate the air quality continuously.

IT Companies suffer huge losses due to constant maintenance, failure of machines and data loss, costing largely to the management and to the employees due to rising health issues. It is important that management realises the devastating effects salt air has on HVAC systems, laptops, computers and Data Servers.

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