4 FSSAI Regulations which would guarantee a health conscious India.

Hello People, Finally!! Your wait for the monsoon is over and I am sure you already must be craving for some oily junk food with your regular tea/coffee. Along with sipping your daily coffee, make sure you are updated with latest FSSAI Regulations. These FSSAI Regulations for the week are outstanding as it will ensure a health freak India in the coming future.

Let’s get started on the major path-breaking  FSSAI Regulations:

FSSAI Regulations 1. FSSAI issues a new draft to lower down trans-fats in vanaspati and bakery products by less than 2%

FSSAI News Edible Vegetable oilThe previous draft of bringing the transfat content in edible oils at 5% seems to be renewed. FSSAI has now decided to reduce the transfat content in vanaspati and bakery to less than 2%. Also, FSSAI drafts further will try reducing the trans-fatty acid (TFA) content in the food products.
TFA are largely present in vanaspati (used in the preparation of sweets and deep fried foods) and margarine and bakery shortenings. Trans-fatty acids are also formed during repeated heating of fats/oils while deep frying at home and restaurants.
Industrially-produced trans-fatty acids are bad fats, created artificially during the hydrogenation process while making PHVOs, which are the major sources of trans-fatty acids in India. These industrial trans-fatty acids pose a higher risk of high cholesterol and heart diseases.

It’s been observed that globally, over 5,00,000 deaths have been accounted due to consumption of trans-fatty acid. Moreover, natural trans-fatty acid found in animal sources like milk and dairy products, if consumed in moderation doesn’t have any adverse effects.

FSSAI Regulations 2. FSSAI to bring about a new amendment on the drinking water sold through vending machines

FSSAI NewsTo ensure the safety of drinking water sold through the vending machine, FSSAI Drafts has issued a new law under FSSA. The same criteria will be applied to the machine water as applicable to the packaged water. The only difference would be that the machine water would be exempted from a certification mark which is issued by the BIS. The FSSAI Drafts states the clause in the sub-regulations as “Packaged drinking water and drinking water offered or sold through water vending machines shall be clear without any sediments, suspended particles and extraneous matter.”

FSSAI Regulations 3. FSSAI mandates FSSAI licenses for all the food vendors in government offices

FSSAI licence

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has urged all Ministries and Central government offices to observe that all the departmental canteens and cafeterias have a license from FSSAI. As per FSSAI Drafts, all FBO’s which have State or Central licenses must have at least one trained Food Safety Supervisor(FSS) for every 25 food handlers. Moreover, these food safety advisors have to undergo training and certifications by December 31 under FoSTaC.

In its circular sent to all the Ministries and Central Government offices, the DoPT said the first phase of the training workshop for food safety supervisors will begin on June 16. “All the Ministries/Departments are requested to nominate individuals to FSSAI for the said training of food safety supervisors and ensure active participation in the same,” FSSAI added.

FSSAI Regulations 4. FSSAI has revised the labeling requirements for blended vegetable oils

Fortification of Oil
FSSAI has prescribed amendments on the size of letters and numerals on the label of blended vegetable oils under the packaging and labelling regulations. The size of the numerals and letters should not be less than 3mm.
The order also specifies to have label declaration immediately under its brand name. The font size of the label declaration, Blended edible vegetable oil, shall not be less than 5mm, provided that the font size of the label declaration shall not be less than 10mm in case the net quantity of the edible oils contained in the packages is more than one litre.

We are sure you must be amazed at the new FSSAI Regulations made which will definitely mark a difference in the coming future. The initiatives are planned in such a way that nothing shall stop achieving the goals. The day of India being free from such health hazards is very much awaited.

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