4 FSSAI News on Alcohol, Calories, Labeling & Food Vendor Form!

Welcome to the last installment of FSSAI News for the month, and we think that they have the power to be quite influential to your Food Business. The FSSAI News for the week mostly revolves around restaurants, online registrations, labeling and alcoholic beverages. The new drafts in regards to above subjects are regularised for ease of work and productivity.

So, without wasting a minute, let’s start with the FSSAI News!

 FSSAI NEWS 1. FSSAI has ordered restaurants to display calorie content on the food menu

calorie count
In order to make the consumers more aware and facilitate informed choices, FSSAI has proposed a new regulation. FDA has made it mandatory for all the restaurants in the state to mention the calorie content of each dish on their menu. According to FSSAI News, this will help the customers to recognise the food that contain high calories and which are not healthy options. “It will reduce the illness caused by eating outside, and the consumer can maintain their sugar levels as well as other blood parameters,” added FSSAI.

FSSAI NEWS 2: FSSAI has ordered to carry a warning on alcoholic beverages in regards to safe driving

dont drink and driveThe drink and drive issue being an intentional one will be overseen by FSSAI. With the consequences of such horrific acts, FSSAI has mandated to include a warning.

“Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health. Be safe – Don’t drink and drive” will be printed on the labels of both Indian Made Foreign Liquors (IMFL) and the imported ones. “The warning shall be printed in the regional language if any state desires to do so. In such cases, there would be no requirement of printing the warning in English,” the FSSAI concluded.

FSSAI NEWS 3. FSSAI has initiated online registration for railway food vendors

online form
With the rising discomfort and food cleanliness issues in the trains, FSSAI has decided to revamp the existing conditions. Food safety officers (FSO) will direct all the food vendors to register themselves online with food safety regulator. FSSAI and the railways have decided to adopt a revised protocol for food sample selection with the help of geotagging technology. According to FSSAI News, vendors with a turnover of below Rs 12 lakhs need to register with food safety regulator and vendors with more than Rs 12 lakhs are required to obtain a license.

FSSAI NEWS 4. FSSAI orders to elaborate the labeling information in regard to imports

LabelingThere is scope for expanding the list of rectifiable labeling information with respect to imported food. FSSAI stated that the labeling deficiencies, that can also be rectified now, include the name and complete address of the manufacturer/packer, the lot/code/batch identification, the date of manufacturing and the declaration regarding the food additive.
The FSSAI News explained that for the name and complete address of the manufacturer or packer, if the information is missing, then the address may be verified from the relevant document, like invoices, ingredient list, certificates of analysts, bills of entry, etc. Thereafter, rectification may be allowed after taking an undertaking from the importer.

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We hope the FSSAI regulations and drafts will benefit you and keep updated with the recent ones.

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