3 FSSAI Feeds at your disposal to keep you updated on food blunders.

It is time for some spicy and productive FSSAI Feeds that will blow your minds and urge you to give it a thought. Well, this week’s FSSAI Feeds revolve around certain new amendments introduced for a food product, the tax evasion by local beverage sellers and the issuing of FSSAI tags for prasadam in Hindu temples.

So let us get going with the FSSAI updates for this week:

FSSAI Feed 1. FSSAI has proposed new chia oil standards in amended food additive regulations

A draft notification has been passed by FSSAI considering the fatty acid composition of chia oil. New standards are introduced in this regard by the FSSAI.

Chia oil has been defined as the oil expressed from the clean and sound seeds of chia without the application of heat. It is thus clear of rancidity, foreign matter, separated water, added colouring or flavoring substances and mineral oil.

The limit for the refractive index at 40ºC has been set between 1.470 and 1.480, whereas the Saponification value is between 185 and 199. The iodine and acid value for chia oil should not be less than 180 and 2mg KOH/g, respectively. The test for Argemone oil shall be negative, with an unsaponifiable matter, not more than 1.5 percent.

However, chia seeds have become a favorite choice of all. But it should also be noted that the excessive intake of chia oil may impart high calories and reverse the health effect

FSSAI FEED 2. FSSAI will take actions against the local beverage companies for not complying to the GST standards

There has been a certain observation by the FSSAI authorities on the local beverage companies regarding the GST evasion.

According to the rule set by the officials, fruit-based beverages which have more than 10% fruit juice will fall under the 12% GST slab. The sugary fizzy drinks such as colas with no fruit content will fall under 40% GST slab.

There are companies which have less than 10% fruit juice content and still avail the benefits of 12% slab. This seems to be a grave issue as many companies are seen practicing this tax evasion. The FSSAI officials will take its course if the companies don’t stop doing the same.

FSSAI Feed 3. FSSAI has issued FSSAI tags to 47 major Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu on the quality of prasadam offered to devotees

Prasadam which is a material substance of food is a religious offering and is consumed by devotees after offering prayers. The issue came into existence when many people fell ill after having eaten the prasadam of some private temples. The survey informed that about 2 women died and 30 were fallen ill. Thus, FSSAI then took over the issue and started a research over all the temples for assuring superior quality of prasadam. The initiative taken has definitely benefit the devotees and the goodwill of famous temples.

The news for the week would have been absolutely informative to all the FBOs and individuals involved in the food industry.

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