3 Striking FSSAI News for the October Month!

Its a great start to the October Month with major FSSAI News at the front. Three distinguished standards for various food sectors have been proposed by FSSAI. The proposed initiative is likely to bring a great change in food hygiene and safety practices.

Let us begin to explore the FSSAI News

FSSAI NEWS 1.  FSSAI has ordered Indian airlines to follow the prescribed new standards set by the authorities

The various food products and meals sold in the flights will now carry complete info on its nutritional aspects like calories, list of contents, and best before use date just like other food products. With the deteriorating in-flight meal quality in most airlines, it has led the FSSAI to examine the entire functioning of the airline food activities. The activities include transportation of meals, storage on board and the serving methods. This will ensure transparency from the companies which provide catering services to the airlines. FSSAI’s proposal will ensure a new set of guidelines for the airline catering sector.

FSSAI NEWS 2. FSSAI will be categorizing rice kernels as premix under category 99

Fortified rice kernels (FRKs) will be now treated as premix under Category 99 of the Food Categorisation Code. FSSAI, through a letter, has clarified that the broad category of FRKs will fall under Category 99, as it is a premix sub-category 99.5 – nutrient and its preparations.
The current letter also provided a license breakdown to the board category of FRK. It states that food business operators (FBOs) producing FRK will have to do registration and get licenses under Sub-category 99.5.

FSSAI NEWS 3. FSSAI to put forward an initiative of meat hygiene and cleanliness drive in the country

FSSAI is soon going to launch a hygiene and cleanliness drive in the Indian Meat industry for the well-being of the consumers. The drive will take place within three months across 40 Indian cities. With the help of training, food safety audits and certification of animal feed, the goal is set to be accomplished. Also, the retailers will be pushed to the core for maintaining good health and safety choices. FSSAI will also be working with the government agency such as the Bureau of Indian Standards to upgrade formal feed standards as well as financial schemes for small-scale meat operators. The launch is been proposed because of the growing unfair trading practices at slaughterhouses across various cities in the country.

The new regulations set forth are worth a read and we will be coming up with some more next week. So be tuned!

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