3 Striking FSSAI News for the March month!

FSSAI has yet again introduced productive guidelines that shall be  beneficial to the FBOs and consumers. It is necessary that the food companies abide by the standards set by FSSAI.

Let us the have a look at the FSSAI News for the week.

FSSAI NEWS 1. FSSAI finds gap in the existing lab infrastructure with the help of a new meta-analysis 


FSSAI’s meta-analysis study of food testing laboratories in India found serious gaps in the ratio of labs to the FBOs (food business operators) in the country. It suggested that there was a great need to fill the gaps, while in some cases, the study calls for a need for an increase in the abilities of the labs.

Ashwin Bhadri, Chief Executive Officer, Equinox Labs, stated in a country like India for which food safety remained a higher priority for all the food businesses and consumers, a thorough scrutiny of the industry was a must for obvious reasons. 

“The report renders a profound analysis of the challenges that have been faced by several categorised laboratories. The research made can be beneficial in overcoming the shortcomings with alternative solutions,” he added.

“The study addresses the adversities in domains such as equipment and machinery, R&D, capacity utilisation and skill development. The recommendations provided in the draft can be implemented by the laboratories to combat the issues,” Bhadri said.

The study stated that at 100 percent compliance by FBOs towards food testing, the deficit in laboratories was estimated at 284 labs overall in the country, with the maximum requirement in the southern region (124 labs), followed by the east (70), west (58) and north (31).

FSSAI NEWS 2. A new device to be introduced to detect chemical contamination in food


FoodTech start-up Inspecto Ltd has launched a new device that detects chemical contamination in food in real time. The portable scanner, which will be showcased at Seed and Chips in Milano, Italy, between May 6 and 9, 2019, can detect contaminants at concentration levels as required by regulators, guaranteeing traceability and complete transparency.

Inspecto’s innovative device brings lab testing to the farmers, food manufacturers and retailers without time-consuming, high-cost lab testing. The Inspecto solution is fast, accurate, affordable, and saves unnecessary costs. This high-tech solution offers the food industry the ability to tailor rapid smart contaminant testing via big data to their needs and location. It scans the sample and processes it automatically within minutes, resulting in a reliable, quantified measurement of the selected contaminant. The scan can be conducted outdoors or indoors, anytime to ensure responsible sourcing.

FSSAI NEWS 3. FSSAI to mend food formulations to replace sugar in the products

Additional sweeteners

There have been serious discussions regarding replacing sugar in products because of health concerns. Sugar is the new evil as this is where the sweeteners are poised to play a role in defining the taste, quality, texture, and nutrition as they are used in food and beverages. It is now essential to introduce low no-calories by the food industry for sugar solutions.

Reduction of calorie consumption is key to reduce the incidence of noncommunicable diseases. LNCS has gone through the same regulatory approvals like any other food additive or ingredient across the globe. A high level of safety evaluation, extensive toxicology studies have seen regulatory authorities, spanning from USFDA (the United States Food and Drug Administration) to the EU (European Union), Codex and FSSAI to endorse its safety and satiety. There are already about 822 sweetener-based foods that are launched globally. The way forward is that taste is the primary determinant.

That’s all for the week folks. Until then, stay updated.

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