3 Major FSSAI News for the Food Businesses to work on immediately

The month of July brought in major  FSSAI News and productive amendments which were awaited for the longest time. This August let us hope for more such drafts that would change the entire scenario of the food industry. This week’s FSSAI News would startle all the FBOs and individuals which are meant for the benefit of consumers.

Let’s quickly catch up the news and loo at what is around.

FSSAI NEWS 1. FSSAI on listing the processing aids to bring clarity on food processing


In order to clear the confusion regarding the approved processing aids and its proportions within FBOs, FSSAI has issued a list mentioning all the approved processing aids. The draft consists of definitions of the different processing aids used by the food manufacturers.

“There are enzymes that speed up the process, while there are cooling agents that aid in rapidly freezing the products. Also present in the notification are the names of these processing substances (under different categories) that can be used by the manufacturers with their maximum residue levels (MRLs). To top it all, it also mentions food products, wherein these substances can be added,” said Ashwin Bhadri, chief executive officer, Equinox Labs.

“The appendix will facilitate general standards that will be followed pan-India resulting in uniformity of quality. The processing of food products shall take place in the prescribed manner and will suppress the fraudulent ways practiced before and the resulting discrepancies,” said Bhadri.

FSSAI NEWS 2. FSSAI has ordered the online food service portals to eliminate unlicensed FBOs


Recently, FSSAI has observed that the FBOs which operate with the help of e-commerce platforms do not possess a food license. This is a strange practiced that is followed by the majority of FBOs. A series of complaints were registered in regards to the sub-standard food being supplied by FBOs listed in these e-commerce platforms. FSSAI has ordered these FBOs to get their licenses on immediate basis else legal actions would be taken against such FBOs.

FSSAI NEWS 3. FSSAI will issue new regulations for printing ink for food packaging in July 2019

Printing ink

The new drafts on the printing ink to be used by the packaging companies will prevent the unwanted effects on the consumers. According to FSSAI News, the regulation shall refer to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) standards for printing inks for food packaging, where there is a list of chemicals which should not be used in printing inks. This new regulation will be beneficial for many, from brand owners to printers to consumers, and even from the regulatory point of view. Moreover, BIS has recommended a ban on the use of toluene in inks used in food packaging.
toluene is known for its bad toxicology nature and is classified CMR category 2.

The residual toluene impacts the organoleptic properties of the product leading to food quality and safety issues.

The news for this week is an eye-opener to all the consumers and the FBOs and this shall definitely lead to the betterment of the industry and consumer well-being. That’s all for today folks. Keep waiting for more such FSSAI News for the coming week.

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