3 FSSAI Orders which are addressing the imperative issues.

Its barely the second week of August and FSSAI has already begun the month with some startling FSSAI orders on our plate. The issues addressed are the ones which have been longing for a couple of months and we are glad the orders will be soon passed. Use of antibiotics, imported organic products, and adulterated grounded spices have been the talk of the town for several reasons in the country.

Let us have a look at the future FSSAI Orders:

FSSAI ORDER 1. FSSAI will soon issue orders on the presence of antibiotics in the food items.

antibiotics in animal products

With the growing use of antibiotics in the animal products by the food vendors, FSSAI has taken this step ahead. The antibiotics are primarily used to prevent infection in animals to avoid the spread of any disease or to promote extra growth.

In order to ensure food safety and hygiene in the animal products such as meat and poultry, FSSAI will revise the existing rules. FSSAI will introduce a new amendment on fixing a minimum presence of antibiotics in the animal products.

The FSSAI Orders will also prohibit the consumption of animals which comprise of injected drugs. It will enforce a drug withdrawal period where the animals will be completely free of drugs and good for consumption. FSSAI will keep a check on the owners if the antibiotics residues exceed the permissible limits.

FSSAI ORDER 2. FSSAI introduces a guidance note on identifying the adulterated grounded spices for the consumers

With the growing adulteration rate of the ground spices in the country by many vendors, FSSAI issues a guidance note. The guidance note includes all the possible solutions for identifying adulterated ground spices.

Grounded spices are usually contaminated with chalk powder, starch, and artificial colours, hence it is always advisable to buy whole spices instead of powder. It is adulterated to increase the weight and their appearance.

This does lead to a lot of diseases like skin allergies, and liver disorders to name a few. Also, a consumer should look for the AGMARK logo and certification, the FSSAI license number on the package’s label. For organic products, it is suggested to look for a Jaivik Bharat logo. 

FSSAI ORDER 3. FSSAI issues orders on rejecting the imported organic products which falsely claim to be organic

organic food

The initiative of importing organic food to India proved both beneficial and harmful for the public. It has been reportedly observed that these imported products have falsely claimed to be organic affecting the well-being of consumers.

These products do not comply with the standards of FSSAI. The Food Safety and Standards (Organic Foods) Regulations, 2017 was notified under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 in December 2017, and food business operators (FBOs) were directed to comply with all the provisions of the said regulation by July 2018.

If the companies do not follow the standards and improve the products they will have to complete the due procedure of review application as in the Food Safety and Standards (Import) Regulations.

These FSSAI orders are absolutely going to impact the FBOs and suppliers of animal products and make them implement the rules. The concerns are proposed to be resolved for consumer food safety and hygiene.

We hope to see some more regulations on the ongoing food blunders in the country. To be at par with your peers and competitors in the food industry, get glued to our weekly updates.

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FoSTaC – Schedule for August 2018

Each and every FBO across India has to adhere to FSSAI rules and regulations and follow the FSSAI standards. This has to be done in order to clear the frequent FSSAI audit tests conducted during the year.

One such audit requirement is the Food Safety Training and Certification [FoSTaC] – Presence of Trained Food Safety Supervisor [FSS] at your premise is mandatory by FSSAI.

August 2018 dates for FoSTaC are out now for the Mumbai Location. Take a look!

Advanced Catering: 17th August 2018 & 30th August 2018

Advanced Manufacturing: 18th August 2018 & 29th August 2018

Venue: Equinox Training Center | Prabhadevi, Mumbai
222, Unique Industrial Estate, off. V. S. Marg, Prabhadevi, Opposite Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai – 400 025

Time: 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.
Seats – 20* Registration – Rs. 1,999/- per seat / Training. (Fees inclusive of breakfast, lunch, high tea and certificate)

After successful completion of the programme, you will receive a Certificate by FSSAI on FoSTaC website within 3 weeks. This will be validated for 2 years.

We are also conducting training for HACCP & Sensory Evaluation in Mumbai for all the FBOs.

HACCP                                    Sensory Evaluation

16th August 2018                    31st August 2018

[Please note – Under unfortunate circumstances, if any training(s) get cancelled from our end, the complete amount shall be carried forward to the next training.]
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