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Its the last month of monsoon and we bring you the latest productive FSSAI News which ought to be read by all the FBOs. Also, its the mid-week of National Nutritional Week 2018 which began on 1st Sept. The Nutrition Week is observed every year with particular themes and objectives that should be facilitated in the food industry. This year’s objective is to curb malnutrition, accelerate healthier lifestyles and enlighten on the power of foods in sustainable living.

Without wasting  a minute let us have a quick look on the FSSAI News:

FSSAI News 1. FSSAI has exempted FBOs from declaring the F+ logo on the iodized salt packets

iodized salt

Food business operators (FBOs) manufacturing iodized salt have been exempted from declaring the fortification logo (+F) on their product label. In its recent directive, FSSAI clarified that the declaration was not required, as iodized salt had already been fortified with iodine. As per the Food Safety and Standards (Fortification of Foods) Regulations, 2018, the +F logo must be displayed on the labels of fortified foods so as to promote the voluntary fortification of food products. Common salt used for direct consumption cannot be sold or offered in the market for sale without iodization.
As per FSSAI, if only iodine is used as a fortification, there is no need to display the +F logo, as iodization is mandatory. However, the double-fortified salt will carry the +F log on the label.

FSSAI News 2. FSSAI will implement the new regulations put forth on the natural spring water

Natural spring water is defined as ‘water which has been derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth at an identified location’. Spring water shall be collected only at the spring or through a borehole tapping the underground formation feeding the spring. There shall be a natural force causing the water to flow to the surface through an orifice.
Further, it is mentioned that the product shall conform to the standards for mineral water as specified in the regulation with regard to microbiological requirements, organoleptic and physical parameters, general parameters concerning substances undesirable in excessive amounts, parameters concerning toxic substance, radio-active residues, and pesticide residues. The total dissolved solids (TDS) content for natural spring water will be different and should be not more than 750mg/litre.

FSSAI News 3. FSSAI on regularizing the standards on labeling of packaged food products

labeling of packaged food products

FSSAI is working on the regulations in regards to the labeling of packaged food products. The new standards will be out to the consumers soon. The important task that the FSSAI would have to do is sort the food products which will be called healthy and not so healthy. FSSAI is also planning to implement menu labeling in the restaurants but uncertain of how it would be successful. Menu labeling is quite impossible in the restaurants where the chef prepares food. Although menu labeling is done in a few countries, it is doubtful if India can implement it so.

That’s all for the week folks. We would come back next week again with some beneficial FSSAI News to your disposal.

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