3 FSSAI News that is a gentle reminder against Non-compliance!

FSSAI is trying with all its efforts to scrutinize all the cities and states across the country to ensure food safety and hygiene. The latest development is inspecting all the roadside eatery shops in the city and the availability of testing vans. FSSAI surprises every week with its productive initiatives.

Let us have a look!

FSSAI NEWS 1. FSSAI to ensure that the food aggregators and roadside vendors follow safety norms

After the outbreak of many such illegal food vendors selling impure and adulterated food products, FSSAI had issued its orders. FSSAI made it compulsory for all the food aggregators to audit their food vendors. The whole country was shaken by this incident. Now, the FSSAI wants to keep a check on all the roadside eatery shops to follow the same and shall inspect them soon. It has identified 144 street food clusters across the country that would be jointly audited with state authorities for cleanliness and hygiene.
The programme is called the ‘clean street food hub programme.’ 
A successful example of this initiative can be seen at Ahmedabad Kankaria Lake area. It became Indias first Clean Street Food which has 66 vendors in this city’s picnic spot. So, FSSAI is now on the verge of inspecting them and getting the food safety and hygiene done right.

FSSAI NEWS 2. The arrival of the Food Testing van in the city of Ludhiana

After the East Indian Cities, its time for Ludhiana to have a testing van which will enable instant checking of the food samples. The van will be in Ludhiana for a month which does 40 tests and city will be able to get their samples tested for rs 50 and the report will also be given on the spot. The van is funded by the Centre and would be following the guidelines of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

It will detect fats and testing adulterants such as urea, sucrose, starch, adulteration in milk, detection of synthetic colours along with many other tests for checking adulteration in food items. The van is fully equipped with analytical instruments such as milk analyser, hot air oven, hot plate,multi-parameter hand-held meter, digital refractometer, mixer-grinder, and digital weighing scale

FSSAI NEWS 3. FSSAI carried out several raids in the city of Vijayawada only to find out its non-compliance

FSSAI carried out raids on various food manufacturing units in the city on Wednesday and served notices after collecting samples. It was found out that some units were running without the FSSAI license. They inspected the packing procedure and hygiene conditions.
As many as ten samples in the form of cow ghee, dates, honey, candy and ice cream were collected from all the units. The samples will be sent to the laboratory for testing, according to the reports.

That’s all for the week folks. We hope the FSSAI News did surprise you and brought a smile at your faces. Keep waiting for the next week’s FSSAI News that might directly or indirectly affect your business.

Better Safe than Sorry!

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