3 FSSAI News that are strikingly vital and needs your attention.

Hello people, what we can witness is the heavy rains pouring in the city leading to a lot of major issues of roads and transportation. Likewise, even FSSAI has poured in some major FSSAI News for all the FBOs and individuals out there.

So let us catch up with some sensational FSSAI News for the week.

FSSAI News 1. FSSAI orders to exclude 14 ingredients under Nutraceutical Regulations

FSSAI NEWS– FSSAI has directed the food business operators (FBOs) involved in the manufacturing of health supplements and nutraceuticals, foods for special dietary use and for special medical purposes, governed under the Nutraceutical Regulation, to stop using 14 ingredients lacking scientific data for safe usage.

The ingredients banned to use are raspberry ketone, slica, angelica sinensis, paullinia cupana, saw palmetto, notoginsing, chlorella growth factor, pine bark extracted to pinus radiate, pine bark extracted from pinus pinaster, Vitamin D3-veg, chaga extract, oxalobacter formigenes, phytavail iron and tea tree oil. The usage of these ingredients in the food products is avoided as they seem to be unfit for human consumption.

FSSAI News 2. FSSAI on the verge of converting used cooking oil into bio-diesel

Cooking oil

FSSAI is in discussion with the food industry to collect the used cooking oil and convert it to bio-diesel. Small quantities of used cooking oil are already being collected from food businesses either through a barter arrangement or at cost, but there is a huge scope for expanding this ecosystem, it said in a statement.

“Annually, about 23 million tonnes of cooking oil is consumed in India. There is potential to recover and use about 3 million tonnes of this for production of bio-diesel,” Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) said.

To ensure food safety, the FSSAI has notified norms effective from July 1 for food business operators to monitor the quality of oil during frying. FSSAI has also ordered the Total Polar Compounds present in the oil should not exceed 25 percent. The maximum presence of TPC proves to be unfit for human consumption.

FSSAI News 3. FSSAI proposes life imprisonment of Rs 10 Lakh fine for food adulteration

food wasteFSSAI  has recommended stringent punishment to curb food adulteration following the Supreme Court order.

“Any person…adds an adulterant to food so as to render it injurious for human consumption with an inherent potential to cause his death or is likely to cause grievous hurt, irrespective of the fact whether it causes actual injury or not, shall be punishable for a term which shall not be less than 7 years but which may extend to imprisonment for life and also fine which shall not be less than Rs 10 lakh,” the FSSAI said. 
The draft which was much earlier proposed is now finally going to be implemented by FSSAI with the growth of food adulteration in the country.

We hope the FSSAI Regulations for the week will add value to your FBOs and help retain the productivity and yield better results. That’s all for the week folks. Keep waiting for more in the coming days. Till then, to get such updates, click on the following links:

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