3 FSSAI News on Triple E Strategy, Import Exemption & Labeling Norms.

The weekly saga of updating the food operators on weekly basis has to go on. While we wait for some striking strict regulations to follow, FSSAI News surprises us with productivity initiatives and tax exemptions. Likewise, this week the FSSAI has come up with proposals which would light up the faces and put a smile across.

Let us explore the FSSAI News for the week.

FSSAI NEWS 1.  FSSAI has proposed an initiative of Triple E strategy to work for the educational institutions 

In order to improve and keep a check on the existing pantry conditions in the higher educational institutions of India, FSSAI has put its step forward. FSSAI due to the growing issues has agreed to adopt the Triple E strategy which stands for Engage, Excite, Enable – for effective engagement with higher educational institutions (HEIs) on food safety and applied nutrition. This framework will address and enlighten the food safety ecosystem in India and encourage the potentials of food professionals of the future.

The highlight of this initiative is the need to ensure that employable skills (ie skill-sets aligned with the requirements of the food industry) are delivered by HEIs.

FSSAI NEWS 2.  FSSAI will exempt the imposition of higher duty on US food imports


India has decided to defer the imposition of higher duty on food imported from the United States, giving Indian food importers much-needed relief. The higher duties were supposed to be initiated from August 4, 2018, but sources stated that negotiations between the two countries led to the deferment of the tariffs.

In June, the Government of India announced a 50 percent hike tariff on agricultural products such as apples, almonds and walnuts and industrial products like steel. This would result in an additional tax of $240 million in line with similar tariffs imposed by the US government.

FSSAI NEWS 3. Food Authorities has regulated stringent labeling norms for packaged food 

Nutritional Labeling

With the growing consumption of packaged foods and supplements, the central food regulator is now planning to bring claims regulation to keep a stringent check on what companies declare, disclose or claim on labels of the product.
The FSSAI is working with international agencies like the International Alliance of Dietary/ Food Supplement Associations to bring in global best practices. While the regulations will cover all nutrient information claimed by companies, initially it will focus on content such as the amount of sugar, salt, fat, vitamins, and minerals. It will also look into health supplement categories including claims of food containing probiotics and foods for special dietary use.

That’s all for the week folks. The FSSAI news for the week is absolutely an eye-opener and also the initiatives would definitely mark a difference in the food industry.

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