3 FSSAI Drafts to be absorbed by FBOs in the coming week!!

Hello people!! It is that time of the week when FSSAI Drafts are highly anticipated. You need to get your weekly dose of FSSAI Drafts to be at par with your competitors. Some major reforms that FSSAI has pitched are surely getting FBOs on your toes.

So let us get straight to our weekly FSSAI Drafts and make a difference:

FSSAI News 1. FSSAI mandates implementation of fortification of edible oil and milk across India.

FSSAI NEWSFSSAI with its stakeholders is planning to impose fortification of edible oil in all the states. The plan of action will be starting sooner in a couple of weeks  It is estimated that already 47% of the refined packaged edible oils have been fortified nationally and the rest also will be achieved sooner.

Fortification process has become easy because of the latest technologies and is also cost-effective. This initiative is taken as a major chunk of the population suffers from deficiencies of vitamins A & D. Moreover, FSSAI is also considering milk fortification for the obvious reasons in all the regions. It is also hoping that the food industry appreciates fortification in the staples like rice, wheat, and salt. Also, the fortified food products will carry a fortification logo as per FSSAI Drafts.

FSSAI News 2. FSSAI issues drafts for rectifiable labeling information for imported food consignments

To ensure ease of trade for imported food products, additional labeling rectification is being added to the existing drafts. New drafts imply that the labeling deficiencies can be corrected at the Customs bound warehouses before visual inspection by the Authorised Officer.
The following parameters can be verified through different channels:

1. The absence of addresses of the manufacturers and the manufacturing date if not present on the labels can be verified from other documents like invoices, ingredient lists, certificates of analysis, bill of entry etc.
2. If the phrases like Shipped by/Distributed by/Exported by/Packed by is used instead of manufactured by, rectification is allowed after getting an undertaking from the importer on FICS or e-Snachit stating that the manufacturer is same as the distributor or shipper or exporter. This also applies to the phrases like lot/code/batch identification if not seen on the label. But if a number is present, the number is assumed to be the lot or batch number and can be verified with the above-mentioned formalities

FSSAI News 3. FSSAI to include ‘khaini’ in the list of banned products in Bihar 

Two years after prohibiting sale and consumption of alcohol, Bihar is on the verge of banning ‘khaini'(unprocessed tobacco). With the increase in consumption of khaini, this step is been put forward by the chief minister and FSSAI. Although the tobacco consumption has gone down in the state, no decrease has been seen in khaini consumption.
According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, conducted by the World Health Organisation, in 2016-17 those consuming khaini stood at around 20 percent of the total population. Consumption of raw tobacco leads to a number of diseases including mouth cancer and ailments affecting the lungs and the cardiovascular system. The move would certainly make a difference to the people.

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