20 Rules for Best Hygiene Practices for Corporate Cafeteria.

Cafeterias in Corporate Companies is something which every employee is fascinated about. After having worked hard for their projects, they look forward to having sumptuous meals and spend relaxed time with their colleagues.

Now just imagine if the corporate cafeteria doesn’t match to the picture that one has created in their minds?? Unclean floors, contaminated water dispensers, sticky bad odor, and no ventilation??? Doesn’t sound appealing!!!

We provide you with 20 Rules for Best Hygiene Practices for your company cafeteria. Make sure if your company is been doing the following things right!

  1. First and foremost, always have the ‘FSSAI Licensed’ board at the entrance of the cafeteria and make sure everyone can have an easy look at it. It’s important to inform your employees that the food prepared and supplied in the cafeteria is checked and approved by FSSAI. This ensures trust and confidence in the employees
  2. The cutlery such as plates, spoons, forks, and bowls should be properly cleaned every day and kept on clean surfaces. Tissue papers and sanitizers are provided for employee use
  3. The ambiance of the canteen areas should not be dull and gloomy. The seating arrangements should be done right so that employees can sit comfortably
  4. Dustbins should be placed at the corner areas and should be cleaned and unloaded regularly
  5. The washrooms must not be exactly near the cafeteria. It should be constructed at a proper distance
  6. The signboards such as ‘Don’t waste food’ can be placed in the cafeterias to warn the employes to not waste the food
  7. Water purifiers, dispensers, tea and coffee machines must be cleaned regularly as it can spread diseases
  8. The company must ensure ventilation in the cafeterias as employees can feel smothered
  9. The veg and the nonveg counters can be separate so as to avoid cross-contamination of food
  10. Pest Control is done in the cafeteria periodically so as to avoid any food outbreak in the organization
  11. The house-keeping personnel is entitled to clean the floors, sinks and the tables frequently
  12. The lights in the cafeteria should be such that the food eaten can be seen and the other contaminants
  13. A proper queue  should be followed by all the employees while the food is served
  14. The personnel serving the food must be informed to be clean and follow personal hygiene
  15. Mosquito killing machines must be stationed in the cafeterias to avoid the contamination
  16. Food Testing is mandatory to be done after before offering  a new food product to the employees
  17. Water Testing must be done at least twice a year
  18. Ensure the indoor air quality in the cafeterias is maintained at a decent level
  19. Posters of good eating habits and nutritious healthy food can be stuck on the walls of the cafeteria to spread awareness on food safety and health
  20. Proper training to the personnel on food safety can be helpful in avoiding major food outbreaks

The above rules are a must to all the Companies which are trying to ensure the trust and confidence in the employees and want to offer the best services. We hope you have been practicing the same and If not, start implementing it right now. This will lead to greater productivity and earn you huge profits.

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